The Lighting Market Scale Will Reach To 33.1 Billion Dollars In 2017

- Dec 13, 2016-

According to the latest report [the outlook of global lighting market in 2017] of LEDinside, the green energy BU of TrendForce, it indicates that the LED lighting market scale will reach to 33.1 billion dollars in 2017 in 52% penetration rate on the basis of 29.6 billion in 2016. Benefited from regional lighting market development, the European LED lighting in 2016 accounts for 23% and the next two are North America and China. Look forward to the future, the lighting market in Asia-Pacific will be the fastest growing.

 America Lighting Market

Strong dollar policy makes America become the engine of global demand in LED lighting and causes a relative cheap price at global products. It is predicted that this trend still has an influence on America market in 2016. Meanwhile, in order to maintenance industry development, America is pulling local assembly for LED lighting fittings to meet subdivided local market demands better and expand market scale.

The big manufacturers in US are actively developing LED lighting business with a rising share of LED lighting products and an expanding market in US LED commercial lighting and engineering lighting. Among all of lighting market, Troffer, flat-panel lights, tunnel lights, garden lights are the fastest growing, and gradually begin to develop in new application fields such as intelligent and optical communications.


In addition, it includes plant lighting, medical surgical lighting, marine and port lighting and intelligent lighting four special commercial lighting markets which has gradually caught the attention of the market. Plant lighting market benefits from growing medical marijuana legally, and open entertainment marijuana in Colorado, Washington. Catching up with this wave of gold tide, entrepreneurs and lighting system manufacturers are maneuvering in this field. .  .

Southeast Asia lighting market

In recent years, Southeast Asia LED lighting grow strongly and the traditional lighting replacement has gradually strengthened. Although its growth rate is affected by the overall economic environment in 2015, along with the policy incentives and replacement demand growth the next few years Southeast Asia LED lighting penetration and the scale of imports will continue to increase. Southeast Asia is gradually becoming the main destination of Chinese manufacturers Export LED lighting products. 

Australian lighting market

In Australia, about 700-800 million households use LED lighting and each household has 75 lampholders in average. Due to the early elimination of incandescent, the current main products are MR16 halogen and traditional ceiling-based. In the pursuit of energy-saving lighting requirements, LED lighting will have more opportunities. In recent years, the Australian lighting market use more and more filament lamp products in commercial lighting space, which also stimulate the filament lamp lighting OEM orders in China.


India lighting market
India's LED industry has received strong support from the government which has issued a series of policies at various dimensions to support the development of the entire industry, and the core policy is the Indian National Street Light Program (SLNP) and India Efficient Lighting Program (DELP). In addition, in order to attract diversified investment, this government opened a zero duty tariff-rate (basic tax) for LED components. This policy prompted the LED products entering into India assembly in semi-finished and developed the Indian local market.



Market Driving Force



Latin America


Policy, Standard

Incandescent lamp banned, government’ s policy

Commercial Lighting

Supermarket, shopping center



Energy-saving policy issued by government



Free duty on sonar and LED lighting products

The Middle East and Africa


Mega deal

Philips, government and construction company agree on providing  LED lighting products for 262 building


Basic construction driving LED lighting development


Mega potential

15% population, 0.5 billion people live in non-power zone

Mega deal

Philips invested 1.2 million in LED lighting; Osram and GE are setting up layout. SFT participate in UNEP “lighting Africa” project   and provide 0.1 million LED road lamp.



India decide to use 1 billion LED lamps to replace bulb, LED road lamp policy

Southeast Asia



Bulb banned, ETP,EPPS, Preferential taxation policy

Mega Deal

Over 1700 7-eleven shops are expecting to save energy about 2.4 million dollars after GELED changing



Free LED lamp, encouraging local manufacturer; Preferential   taxation policy



Green corridor, assemble LED lamp and lanterns



Government manager to replace LED road lamp project,   Preferential taxation policy

Emerging Industry

Development of the tourism industry drive commercial facilities using           LED lights


TIS Certificate




Incandescent lamp banned; Energy subsidy policy

Import Reliance

Half of the lighting products rely on China's imports

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