Difference between Bescon Solar Street Light and All In One Street Light

- Sep 11, 2016-

Let's start with a comment from linkedlin.com 
An experienced specialist of solar lighting design wrote an article about the truth of solar all-in-one design on linkedin. He said: Each day I get emails from Chinese “manufacturers” about these revolutionary products. But are they all that revolutionary? Case in point is one I got this week. On the surface it looks very good. BUT scratch that surface and the reality hits home.
It is not designed to operate all night as a street light, although that is what it is called.  The standard programming only allows for 1 hour at 100% output. For the rest of the night it runs at lower and lower levels with the length of night base at 10 to 12 hours.  It then requires 6 hours of full sun to recharge, which it may do in summer in full sun but, analyze the operation over a year and the story is very different. In mid- winter if there are just 2 “rainy days” the battery will be totally flat and this is one issue with many of these cheaper systems. They are designed as a very limited size of solar panel to fit all powers, something we all know does not work. 
To avoid the problem of limited power supply from solar panel, while making the installtion simple and quick, Bescon's all in two Solar LED street light was born to provide a new concept , namely, products as the "Plug&Play"  solution. Bescon Solar lights are composed of lamp head and 18V solar panel and connected via MC4 plugs. On the condition of stability, it makes installation easier meanwhile can ensure lamp working for long hours and high lumens output.

Bescon solar street light can work with any 18V solar panel if customers have it in stock. This enable customers to sell our solar street light to customers selling solar panel as a module.

There are 4 merits comparing Bescon's all in two solar street light with all in one in the market.

1: Installation flexibility

From above picture shows, for installation site, if solar panel of all in one model is again sunshine direction, not able to make it face to sunshine in best position or cannot adjust solar panel angle to sun. This defects will cause low efficiency of solar panel which will not charge battery very well.and light will work shorter time at night. Bescon solar light is more flexiable, can adjust the solar panel to the best position to sun,guarantee the best high using efficienty.

2: Power of solar panel flexibility

            The solar panel of all in one street light is limited by the fixed size because of light body. For example as 30W. all in one is using 60W mono cell, while Bescon is using 80W at least which is about 30% more than all in one. plus advantage of adjustable postion. Bescon model is able to generat more power by 40% at least than all in one models. This ensures high quality performance of lighting at night. Especially it is very possible to enlarge panel size for higher power in case of more cloudy days for more safe lighting at night. while it is impossible for normal all in one models.

3: Product finishing & Appearance

                                                      The material of normal all in one is using bent aluminum sheet as light body. led are fixed on very thin aluminum sheet which is always 1.5~2.0mm thick. All parts of all in one fixture are fixed by screws which make street light a bit of rough. Bescon solar street light is using aluminium die casting body designed and produced by Bescon. It ensure very high finishing which can meet Japan products. With round corner, water shaped design. won the prize of innnovative products in 2016 of Shenzhen city. Light can also be an artwork with nice looking.

4: Luminous efficiency

                               Bescon is using 72pcs of Osram 3030 1W/Pcs as light source. While we only driver 72W as 20W 30W 40W , in this way we are getting very high lumens output more than 150lm/W max.that means Bescon 20W is equal to 35W of normal all in one street light at least. Using same power of led. Bescon is getting much better lighting performance than all in one models.

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