2015 Small Pitch LED Display Market Presents Three Main Features

- Dec 07, 2015-

Generally speaking, we are talking about a small pitch LED display is generally below 2.5mm pitch pointing indoor LED display, including P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.6 and other models. Since the beginning of the birth of a small pitch LED display that is highly sought after star product, its biggest advantage is mainly reflected in three aspects, including a good display, highly realistic color reproduction and seamless. Meanwhile, in the latter part of maintenance, LED display has a mature point by point correction technology, the use of more than one or two years using the instrument display can be a one-time correction of the entire screen, the operation is simple, the effect is also very good.

Tracing the source, a small LED spacing birth is not accidental, mainly for two reasons: First, the traditional LED display products deep homogeneity, price wars in the whirlpool, unable to meet the LED business demands for a reasonable profit, then the LED business It is bound to pursue new profit growth point; Second, LED display technology gradually, iterative upgrade products to provide technical support.
Compared with conventional LED display, LED small pitch with a higher profit, but it also has high barriers to entry, so the small LED early birth spacing, involved in the field more than some stronger overall strength of large enterprises, They are also the first to taste the sweetness of the LED business. After that, as technology advances, more companies began to enter the small LED spacing areas, and gradually open the LED display industry, "small time."

It is understood that the first half of 2015 China LED market size of a small pitch more than 600 million yuan, compared to the first half of 2014, an increase of over 50%. For the full year 2015, the market size is still small pitch LED will achieve rapid growth, China's economic slowdown in the environment, the mainstream business to annual performance remains high expectations for the year is expected at 15.6 scale about million, compared to 900 million in 2014, the market size, an increase of 71.9%.

From the current market demand and changes in perspective, in 2015 a small pitch LED display market is still concentrated in the military, broadcasting, dispatching and other government projects and high-end commercial fields. In addition, a small pitch LED display market is also showing the following features:

1 small pitch products more diversified, humane, and more closely fit the market.
With the continuous development of small spacing technology and process matures, more and more small LED display products began pitched, the emergence of the market small pitch related products types are continuously enriched, continue to open up new market space, but also boost the growth of small market size pitch, fine pitch LED degree recognized by the market and further improved.
From LED advertising machine, large videowall, 3DLED display to LED super-screen TV, a small pitch product and market fit more closely. Equipped with 3D, 4K, intelligent interactive technologies such as ride, small pitch more diversified product applications, functions are more humane.

2015 small pitch LED display market presents three main features

2, LED display enterprises began on a small pitch cost control force, looking for profits and quality of the best balance. Small pitch product prices gradually close to the people, to stimulate market demand.
LED display enterprises or break through the bottleneck of the consideration for, or in order to seek new profit growth point, in short, a small fever pitch LED display market continues unabated, under continuous fermentation, the contest between enterprises are becoming increasingly frequent . In a market economy, the price of the new product is bound to fall through a reasonable process, then consider reducing the cost of business will become a top priority.
As we all know, small pitch LED display is good, "gold" high, naturally the cost will be higher. As market competition intensifies, LED display enterprises pursue cost control consciousness is gradually improving, how to balance the relationship between price and quality is required companies to think twice. Of course, the price must be based on the premise of ensuring product quality, and only have the ability to lower prices (such as raw material supply, technology, scale advantages, etc.) in order to lower prices, or tantamount to self-defeating.
It is because of technology, cost control and other advantages as a support, the price of a small pitch products are gradually close to the people, the market demand further be improved.

3, a small spacing pitch breakthrough product speed is gradually slowing down, the current P1.9 and P1.6 are becoming mainstream, P2.5 gradually routine.
Small pitch, by definition, refers to the spacing of small LED display products, this "small" is seen in a very long period of time is a symbol of product innovation between enterprises, technology contest, the industry also continue to pursue the "small little , then a small little ", did not stop the pace to chase the dot pitch.
It is understood that on September 10, Riyadh announced the world's smallest mass production of ultra-fine pitch of 0.7 mm pitch LED panel, the world's leading, China's LED display technology fully into the room with small spacing Ultra HD surveillance. From the initial P2.5 to today's P0.7, dot pitch fine pitch products have made a huge breakthrough, but again if you go down, you generally will not be optimistic about the industry. According to the author of the interview, the number of industry veteran, said, if the dot pitch continue to do small, one to be extremely complex technical process, a substantial increase in cost, and secondly, in the field of fine pitch LED display is more suitable than the display technology such as OLED, etc., so keep small down little significance. Seen in this light, the speed of a small pitch spacing breakthrough products will gradually slow down.

2015 small pitch LED display market presents three main features

From the current market situation, P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.6, P1.2 endless, even P0.8, P0.7 other small pitch products have been mass production. Compare 2014 and the first half of 2015 the proportion of sales data for each product can be seen, P2.6-P3.0 product sales accounted for decreased, P2.5 sales accounted also declined gradually routine, while P2.0 less , particularly within small pitch P1.7 product sales gradually rise, indicating that a smaller spacing products more and more favored by the market.

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