Other people's research and development department: LED how do product development?

- Dec 07, 2015-

General business R & D for short R & D, R (Research) refers to the technology development, D (Development) refers to the product development.

Emphasis on the principle of technology development research, emphasizing leadership and influence of technology, product development and emphasis on product and technological achievements, emphasizing batches, reusable and reproducible production, with particular emphasis on the market and profitability in charge.
Someone else's house R & D department: technology research and product development separately
Technology research and product development can be distinguished: a group of brain-hole wide open big guys are always cranky (technical research), a group of law-abiding people in the precise measurement (product development).
Every year in June to participate in Guangya Exhibition always found Philips exhibited ahead of conceptual products. A bunch of domestic companies listed on the particular fixture in the booth. In fact, Philips demonstrated its technology leadership level, to strengthen its influence in the industry. And domestic companies in the show can bulk copy products, and now the gap is not only to understand a little bit.

Product Planning
Most of the enterprises in the design of the product line, the mind does not have a specific market or application direction, for a common market, not for a series of market segments do design. Feel that their products will be hot topic invincible hand in a huge market.
Other people's research and development department: outstanding enterprises in the design of the product line while focusing on specific customer base and customer base around specific product lines designed and traction technology planning.
About the product positioning subdivision classic case of: positioning Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines route network implementation is the point, go all out to reach the source of origin concerned, rather than onward source. The company about 80% of the tourists are direct travelers. Southwest Airlines fleet of single type, use only Boeing 737 aircraft, the benefits are lower operating and maintenance costs, the average age of Southwest Airlines fleet is about 9 years. Southwest Airlines operate only in the short-to-end route, there is no long-haul flights, but no international flights. Time is short, intensive shifts.

Market demand
Most business leaders with vision for the demand, the first product development, gathering requirements in the sales process, constantly change, product lines long. Marketing management process to sell the main, attention to customer relations, do not pay attention to customer needs, product strategy and brand promotion.
Other people's research and development department: market demand for the collection and analysis has become a routine means to verify the market re-development products. Marketing management process to operate the main emphasis on customer needs, product strategy and branding, emphasizing customer model and user experience.

Development process
Most companies design process changing product requirements and specifications, there is no baseline control, technical development or project-based customization; pre-research and product development and technology development and platform development are not separated.
Other people's research and development department: According to a well-defined product requirements and design specifications; a clear specification, time and cost baseline control. Mainly product package development, including market development, technology development, production and service development as well as the development kit. Technology research and product development and platform development separation; sharing and shelves rapid development of products based on market demand and platform; no breakthrough in key technologies not developed.

R & D system
General business sector sectional type, silos heavy. Project managers, sub-established technology and their own departments. Usually within the department project team roles, no resource inputs and released. Long, I can not even estimate. No technical management department of technology is not classified, almost all technical wants to do it yourself. No technology sharing platform, do not have a high level of full-time members of the platform development or management, and each does its own research and development team, and not shared.

Other people's research and development department: Perform integrated product development ideas, break down departmental walls, the whole process of development. Product Manager is a core group of members of the product, market and profit responsibility. Cross-functional teams, phased investment and release resources. Listed clear time limit. Classification technology, the core technology and key technology to develop their own, general technical and general technology outsourcing. Focus on technology platform development, there are high-level professionals manage the technology platform and to assess the reliability of the technology platform. Based on the platform, product development on the platform, to build a platform for the core product line.

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