LED medical lighting: The market is so big, promising to drying

- Dec 07, 2015-

From outdoor to indoor, from special to general-purpose, LED site lighting in the area continues to expand, medical lighting, lighting agriculture (plant lighting), automotive lighting and other emerging market by the industry concerned. Where medical lighting, with deep UV, light therapy equipment, surgical shadowless three charming New World. In recent years, many LED enterprises to increase horsepower, medical lighting to march.

The scale of Chinese medical service market

After retrieving the National Statistical Information Center database guard Planning Commission, the latest "China Health Yearbook" is the "2013 China Health Statistics Yearbook" published in April 2014 (2013 data), in April this year, the "China Health Yearbook" and "China Population and Family Planning Yearbook "Yearbook of two co-edited" Chinese Health and Family Planning Yearbook "(2014 volumes, 2013 data), the current 2015 volumes (2014 data) still Compilation. 2013 Yearbook show that China's 2013 consumption of 3.2 trillion yuan of total health, maintaining a 17.2 percent compound annual growth rate in the past 9 years.

According to the State Planning Commission, David released "2015 January-April the National Health Service the situation" and "the end of April 2015 the number of institutions nationwide health", from January to April 2015, the national health care institutions amounted to 2.47 billion total clinic visits passengers, an increase of 3.3%; as of the end of April 2015, the national number of medical and health institutions of 985,000. These data indicate that a huge Chinese medical service market size and rapid growth rate.

However, with respect to the level of 7.7% of high-income countries, our health care spending accounted for only 5.6% of GDP, lower than the high-income and higher-income countries. Taking into account the huge population base and consumption, it is easy to see the future of China's medical services market there is still much room for growth. If health care spending accounted for 6.5% -7% can be achieved the goal of national health planning commission in the "" Healthy China 2020 "Strategy Report" put forward in 2020, then our health consumer market will reach 6.2-6.7 Wan scale billion.

The rapid growth in demand for medical services with respect to the pace of supply growth is extremely slow. 2013 total health consumption of 3.2 trillion yuan, 4.2 times in 2004; however, in 2013 the number of health institutions only 1.2 times in 2004, health personnel 1.5 times, 1.9 times the number of beds in health institutions. Supply of medical services far less, indicating that the market is still much room for development.

Size of the global and Chinese medical device market

According to statistics of the European Union Medical Devices Committee, total global medical device market from $ 187 billion in 2001 rose rapidly to 2011 4,353 billion US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of 8.82%, the global medical device market over the same period GDP growth rate increase.

2000-2012, China's medical equipment industry as a whole grew by 10.34 times, the annual compound growth rate of 21.50 percent, industrial added value in the national share of GDP increased steadily.

According to the China Association of Pharmaceutical Materials "2014 Blue Book of China's medical device industry development," the Chinese medical device market size of 17.9 billion yuan in 2001 to grow to 212 billion yuan in 2013, excluding the price factor, 13 years, an increase of 11.84 times. 2014 annual national medical equipment sales volume of about 255.6 billion yuan, 212 billion yuan more than last year's increase of 43.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20.06%.

The proportion of consumption global pharmaceutical and medical device is about 1: 0.7, while Europe and other developed countries has reached 1: 1.02, the global medical device market has accounted for 42% of total international pharmaceutical market size, and there is a tendency to expand. The total size of China's medical device market in 2014 was about 255.6 billion yuan, the total pharmaceutical market size is estimated to be 1.3326 trillion yuan, pharmaceutical and health care spending ratio of 1: 0.19. More than 2013 of 1: 0.2 is also slightly lower. It can determine, medical equipment as well as a broader room for growth.

Potential and prospects of LED medical markets

1, a large health care industry and the medical device industry is LED medical market has provided a broad space for development.

Aging of the population, improve the urban level, changes in lifestyle, the growth of wealth and promoting universal health care system, and many other factors are driving the rapid expansion of the medical services market. According to research firm Deloitte estimates, the next few years, China's medical service industry as a whole is still high growth, maintain the 10% -15% compound growth rate.

Meanwhile, along with economic development, population growth, social improvement in the level of aging, and constantly enhance people's health awareness, global medical device market demand continues to grow rapidly, the medical device industry is the world's fastest growing industries.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that the Chinese medical device industry compound annual growth rate of over 20%, significantly higher than the growth level of developed countries. A number of global medical device industry giants to establish a subsidiary in China or even the manufacturing R & D department moved to China. China is becoming a global medical device manufacturing center. In competition with international companies in the process, the quality of our fast-growing medical device companies, and gradually participate in international competition with the comprehensive strength and technological level.


2, the rise of private hospitals, provide significant new impetus to the development of LED medical market.

According to national health statistics Planning Commission, as of the end of April 2015, 13,314 public hospitals nationwide, private hospitals 13,000. Compared with the end of April 2014, to reduce the 67 public hospitals, private hospitals increase in 1416.

As institutional investors and industrial capital flocked, with the power of capital, private hospitals will achieve faster integration of resources and accelerate market expansion, upgrade in all aspects of management, technology, quality medical services and large-scale operations.


3, family medicine, the rise of health care is another Daxin power LED medical market.

China's large population size and the rate of aging has accelerated. According to the Statistical Yearbook data, the ratio of the total population of the elderly population has gradually increased, rising from 7.6% in 2004 to 9.7% in 2013, it has reached 130 million people. Elderly high incidence of disease, and is often accompanied by a long course of treatment and pathogenesis, but also many elderly people with chronic diseases require long-term care and medication, it is the high consumption group medical services. Aging of the population will inevitably accompanied by higher demand for medical services.


Improve the income level of the population, wealth accumulation and transformation of concepts of health will continue to promote diversified, multi-level direction of the medical consumer demand. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for good service and high quality professional medical technology, thus driving the growth of high-end medical care; and increase the health knowledge of the quality of life of the emphasis on promoting the development of medical rehabilitation; from the "sick only medicine" to pay attention to the health of the concept of change is driving the health services industry, promote the scope of medical services from a simple disease to treat a wide range of areas to expand health, health care and so on.

Home health, the rise of health care, medical equipment fully reflected in retail share. The rapid development of medical devices also boost the development of e-commerce home health, health care. According to the China Association of medical supplies, "2014 China's medical device industry development Blue Book" in 2014 about 2556 of China's medical device market size, the hospital market of about 194.4 billion yuan, the retail market is about 61.2 billion yuan. In the retail market, the traditional retail sales of about 45.4 billion yuan, electricity provider channel sales of about 15.8 billion yuan.


4, medical large market, the level of domestic medical enterprises is generally not high, not much LED medical enterprise, LED medical market and there is still much room for improvement accommodating.

According to statistics of the European Union Medical Devices Committee, the global medical device industry concentration is high, the current 25 medical device companies to carve up the world 60% of total sales of medical devices. According to China Association of Pharmaceutical Materials "2014 Blue Book of China's medical device industry development," the Chinese medical device companies generally small scale, the domestic medical equipment market whether in production or in the sales area, concentration is relatively relatively low. 2014, 20 listed companies annual sales estimated at 37.2 billion yuan, accounting for 14.55 percent of total industry sales, and in the medical device retail market, there is not a listed company.

In LED medical enterprises, according to the social science research projects in Fujian planning report (2012B100) 2013 published in July, the country (including Taiwan) production, management of medical and related products LED manufacturers a total of 103 companies or . Including Jiangsu, 24 companies accounted for 23%, 14 enterprises in Guangdong accounted for 14 percent, Shanghai 11 enterprises accounted for 11%, Beijing, Hubei and Shandong have each accounted for 9% 9 companies in Taiwan five companies accounted for 5%.

Foreign production, management of medical and related products LED enterprises or manufacturers a total of 68, including 20 US companies accounted for 30%, Germany 18 enterprises accounted for 27%, the two countries together produce or operated medical LED and related products more than 50% of the global total. If Europe and the United States from two regions, the European countries a total of 38 companies accounted for 56%, the US there are 20 companies accounted for 29%, showing that medical LED and its related products and enterprises or manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Europe States as well as USA, Europe and the United States focused on the production and worldwide main medical LED related products.

5, LED unlimited applications in the medical aspects of the decision of the medical market LED accomplish much.

Traditional long-term medical lighting are halogen lamp as the light source, and later began to use metal halide lamp as a light source. Halogen lamps, metal halide lamps are light in all directions, the whole space of the typical divergence divergent light. Compared with traditional medical lighting products, LED has inherent advantages in the realization of fixed point, directional lighting, high-intensity lighting, dimming control, to achieve high color, low spectrum damage, etc., can overcome the lack of a strong conventional medical lighting.

From the applications for, LED medical there are two types, one hospital general lighting, such as wards, offices and corridor using various lighting; the second is healthcare dedicated light source, such as: (1) peep lighting for lesion detection, observation lighting; (2) surgical lighting, LED operation shadowless lamp; (3) disinfection, sterilization radiation light source, the use of ultraviolet light for medical equipment, medical equipment and medical utensils disinfection and sterilization, high speed, high efficiency advantages ; (4) phototherapy - optical radiation therapy sources, the use of the biological effects of light with a specific wavelength of light so that the body skin or certain tissue cells or inhibiting the growth spawned long to achieve therapeutic purposes; (5) the pathological examination of the light source, with 570nm green light can be measured ESR, with 640nm and 900nm IR light ray can detect chlorine content of the blood, it can be diagnosed with a 488nm blue whether bladder cancer.

From the LED light source is, LED have many medical applications, such as: (1) ultraviolet light, can be sterilization, treatment of skin diseases, beauty, and so on; (2) infrared light, can in anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promote metabolism, etc. ; (3) Blu-ray, 425nm ~ 475nm range to treat neonatal jaundice, 446nm ~ 477nm range is conducive to enhancing the vitality of the human brain, and the like; (4) red light, can promote cell synthesis, and promote wound healing, treatment of many diseases ; (5) are mixed with white light, can satisfy different treatment needs, different color temperature of white light irradiation can be used to adjust the treatment of insomnia.

LED medical market potential, good prospects, it is obvious to see. However, LED medical technology high gold content, in order to do a good job is not easy. But the other way round, now is precisely the intense competition in the LED market is no technical gold products. So, we do not develop, to develop on the gold market from art to start. Moreover, in addition to medical care abroad LED giants, the current level of domestic enterprises is generally not high, I would like to develop still have a chance.





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