How to Select A Good LED Downlight?

- Apr 14, 2016-

When i want to buy led light, for example, for recessed led down light, i always get so much quotations with so much difference prices, 


i am totally lost, so how can i know it is good or not, which suppliers i need to choose as my supplier? 

what's quality of IC-F led down light even if with same appearance? 


Led light quality is directly decided by the quality of LED chips,  Driver, fixture body, etc.

Today let us check the difference of good led chip and the cheap chip.


A1: The heart part of each led light, liked ic-f recessed led downlight is LED chip itself.. It directly decides the performance of led lighting.Especially after using for a long time, like after half year.high price led down light always use high quality of led chip in order to get good performance with high CRI , high lumens, and good lighting uniform ,etc. For example auroras's led downlight only use samsung SMD5630 in order to give customer the best quality of our down light with the reasonable prices. Sassung 5630 has a high CRI which is over than 84 on average for day light 4000K for example. But low quality led  is always has CRI with 70 or 75 in order to  get a high lumens. As everybody knows. higher CRI will get a lower lumens,and lower CRI will get a higher lumens output. Auroras's IC-F Rated Recessed led downlight has CRI 84/85 which is able to reveal original color of subject more vividly.While low quality led only has dullish efffects as below picture shows.


secondly, the low quality light using low quality led will has a faster brightness decrease than the good lights light using goods led, because low led use small chip with increasng the current, for example 80mA rated led chip is allowed 80mA, but maybe manufacturer maybe  drive this chip with 150mA in order to get a high lumens output. although in short time, we are not able to see the disadvantage of using such low led chips.but maybe 3months or after half year.The brightnesss of led downlight even if with IC-F low temerature will become very dim because of the low quality led. While the light using samsung 5630 recessed down light will not have such problem, because Samsung 5630 is allowed 300mA maximium but we only dirve it with 150mA  


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