How to choose a suitable led aquarium light

- Sep 02, 2016-

Fistly, let’s talk why choose led aquarium light for plant grow in aquarium.

LED aquarium plants  have a few downsides like cost and heat production but the benefits faroutweigh the downsides. More 

importantly, They are easy to maintain, provide great controllable light to stimulate plant growth, are cost effective, energy 

eficient and will outlast any bulb system.

Second, how to choose a suitable led aquarium light?

1.  you will need to know the different characteristics of the types of plants you are looking to grow. Look for size, shape and 

    height of the plants you plan to have in your aquarium. And the position you plant grow, in middle or in every side.

2. Find the best for your plant, ususally we combine white with blue. White:Blue 1:1 is best for most sea plant.

3. Sometimes, you could spoil some water in led aquarium light, thus you need choose that waterproof led aquarium light, 

   bescon led aquarium manufacture provides that waterproof 3w cree chip led aquarium light,can craft freely as you tank size.

4. If your led aquarium light is dimmable, of course, it will be best for plant growth. And it will be a better artist for your home 

   and give you a visual feast.

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